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 CANADIAN SPHYNX - it's more than just a cat.
This is a hilarious and affectionate child Sphinx for many years. Our CANADIAN SPHINX kittens come in your home fully vaccinated, healthy and socialized. We carefully select a pair of producers of the Sphinx, with a unique personal charisma and giving a beautiful and healthy offspring hairless cats.
Sincerely Amon-Ra.



We have  a new litters . Colors - white and black/white.







Beauty girl tortie harlequin.came to us from the cattery SphynxAntikuus.





 Jean Cloud (GCH system for WCA) at its first show- WCF the open class, has reached the final and took the 9th place among cats of different breeds the judge Galina Koroleva, who noted a beautiful breed type and show the character of the cat.

IMG 0760




In our nursery there was another 2 litters of kittens elite Sphynx, rare colors: blue, chocolate point. From couples: Jean Cloud Prime Cats Infinity and Jean Cloud Prime Cats Lunabella Magdalina. We are happy to help you to choose a kitten and pick the best for the specific purpose of your purchase. Kittens are our nursery elite bloodlines and the related statement of quality. We will give you professional advice on all matters of care for the kitten, its feeding and rearing. Kittens are available to reserve.news4






Our beautiful Spanish Paradais sphynx Nina Linda (Beladonna) and chocolate male with blue eyes, Jean Cloud Prime Cat became parents! In the litter are four kittens and three color white bicolor (bоrn of 11/04/2012). All kittens are in an excellent breed type.




The exhibition "EXPOKOT" which was attended by hundreds of different breeds of cats, white cats of our cattery Paradais Sphynx Nina Linda (Beladonna), who came from Spain got the title GrandChapion! And also went into the final ten in the American judge Betty White and was 3 - the best cat of all breeds on her ring!



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