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Family Album

In this album you will see the daily lives of our pets.

Sphynx will never give you bored! He will be always there to help in household chores, as well as never to miss a minute of leisure. Our sphynx love to bring the mouse toy master that he threw it to them, and again and again bring it to the teeth. So they can be quickly and easily taught to take a bath in water treatment and they would be happy to splash around playing with water toys.
And our Canadian Sphynx well get on with children, for them to become true friends and partners in fun games. Our Sphynx does not give you warm even the coldest days, the tender will be live grelochka basked under a blanket with you warming to the most severe frosts and giving incredible positive!





Past Kittens

In this album you will find photos of the graduates of our cattery.

Kittens Sphynx move into a new house is fully vaccinated, healthy, toilet training, and know in what place to sharpen claws. With our kittens will be easy and pleasant to communicate.
We give all the recommendations of the new owners of kittens and always ready to answer any question relating to the maintenance and upbringing of a kitten. We will help you understand the type of animal: Show, Breed, Pet, and recommend the most suitable kitten for your future goals.
Our kittens live in different parts of Russian and also participate in breeding work abroad. 

Photos from Show

Sphynxes of Cattery Amon-Ra are purebred animals who regularly attend international exhibitions and confirm their high quality. Our kittens sphynx start show career in 3-4 months. and successfully exhibited in competitionis of various exhibition systems. Please, familiarize the success of ours cats and kittens sphynx and enjoy our website. We wish you find here kitten for yurself.


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